Delivering the digital future.

exhilo is a team of hosting creatives capable of designing and managing complex architecture - supporting creativity as it defines future demand and engineers new experiences.


01exhilo is a team of hosting consultants. Designers of digital architecture that support creativity.

We work alongside creative agencies, brands and people to build and manage hosting environments. Created by Pulsant, one of the leading suppliers of hosted IT services, we sit at the intersection between challenging problems and ideas, and the physical solution that makes them a reality.

02/ Technology


Created by Pulsant, exhilo has unique access to some of the most comprehensive hosting infrastructure in Europe, and facilities within the Asia Pacific and America regions.

Assets available to exhilo include 8 data centres in 5 key locations across the UK, and points of presence in New York, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Core 10Gbps network technologies connect between our locations with Tier 1 peering to the internet.

Data Centres
  • 150,000ft2
  • Rack Capacity > 3000


  • .New York
  • .Amsterdam
  • .Hong Kong
  • 150 Staff
  • 5 Locations


From 1Mbps to 10Gbps, our core network delivers Tier 1 Internet peering, application load balancing, data backup and synchronous data replication.

0 Packets switched per second




  • . Physical Servers
  • . Virtual Servers
04/ Process


exhilo is designed to sit at the intersection between agencies and the infrastructure that empowers digital ideas.

We work with creatives to learn and help define possible solutions from as early as the conceptualisation phase, right through to the deployment of hardware and optimisation of it.

  1. Idea
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Conceptualisation
  4. Prototype
  5. Demonstration
  6. Scope
  7. Documentation
  8. Database Design
  9. Staging
  10. Beta Testing
  11. Scalability
  12. Commercial Agreement
  13. International Functionality
  14. Solution Design
  15. Solution Development
  16. Cloud Services
  17. Internet / The Cloud
  18. Transit Connections
  19. External Network
  20. Remote Connectivity
  21. Firewall Configuration
  22. Firewalls
  23. Internal Network
  24. Application Configuration
  25. Applications
  26. OS Configuration
  27. Operating System
  28. Virtual Server Instances
  29. Hypervisor
  30. Server Hardware
  31. FC/iSCSI Network
  32. SAN Storage
  33. Hardware Deployment
  34. Power Supply
  35. Cooling
  36. Physical Security
04/ Clients


Below are some of our UK based clients that we work hard to continuously deliver for. Connect with us to find out more about what we do.

"We selected exhilo, as we felt its brand values were strongest aligned to our own."

Nick Sanett

"exhilo's solution architects created a bespoke, hosting infrastructure that guaranteed the performance of our portal to millions of people worldwide, simultaneously."

Maggie Crowe
Event Director, BRIT Awards

"exhilo has already shown us it can go the extra mile, delivering the exceptional service required to help us retain and grow our customer base in the UK and internationally."

Tim Deeson
Director, Deeson ONLINE

"exhilo has the expertise, support and resources to handle anything we throw at them, whether it’s content or demand related. It’s this focus on service that makes them so special."

Tim Clark
Managing Director, ie:music

"exhilo offers a compelling combination of entrepreneurial drive and a real passion for customer service and support as well as obvious technical strengths. Using the latest server virtualisation techniques, exhilo is able to run Doner's systems at maximum efficiency; providing flexible capacity that can be scaled up as well as out."

Phil Hobgen
Technical Director, Doner

05/ Connect


Book a consultation or discuss a new project by telephone or email:

0870 252 3666 connect@exhilo.com

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